Abhay Chawla’s Guard-en Attempt

Put across a doom-ridden picture and he knows exactly how to liven it up. Abhay Chawla stands firm on the thought of imbibing the change he addresses.
While most of us are glued to ornate embellishments burning a hole in our pocket, not to forget the water and carbon footprint such things add; he does his garden using waste plastic bottles as decorative digs in the ground, rubber tyres acting as fence and thrown away pieces of marble and ceramic to bring monotonously plastered walls to life.
Here’s a tour into his marvelously earthen idea, beaming with simplicity and hope; hope for a better future for the upcoming world yet to relish life as we have.

                   Top view of the home-garden               The ceramic laden wall in the backdrop


                                  One would not realise what the yellow edges are made of!

A closer look

Revealation of plastic bottles thrust upside down into the ground, their ridges adding statement to the periphery.

                           Chain-link fencing                                               More than just a wheel


                        The rubber tyres painted brownish red act as fence; the tyre supporting the earthen plant pot



The wall is decorated with marble pieces collected from discarded construction waste.

Also note the contrast the picture draws. One side of the division is a man’s attempt at a garden being prepared for the approaching spring, the other is a concrete suffocation giving a breather to an SUV.


Visit his garden and he’ll make sure you don’t leave the place without planting one ‘green’ idea along with a sapling!


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