The Writer

Aradhika Rathore

 I am a strong proponent of everything natural and all things ideal.

I believe in the strength of nature and the beauty of our environment and this is where I wish to do my bit to spread awareness and sensitise masses. Apart from this field, I also have a keen interest in issues pertaining to gender equality and bias, honour killings, HIV/AIDS and gay rights.

I have an aim to elicit change in thoughts and actions gone awry and by that, I am very certainly hinting at the areas of my interest. Even if it is one person I can manage to evolve, my fight would have been won.

I am a firm believer of individualistic actions and I hope to add substance to my journalistic skills. Since this was my maiden attempt at journalism, quite honestly, it has left me completely thrilled and absorbed.

As far as this project is concerned, it was not easy to give shape to the stories, especially the photo feature on The Royal Bengal Tiger which took us (the photographer and I) three months to pull all the snapshots together, not to forget the story on cosmetics regulation which was the toughest to execute. However jutted the journalistic sojourn may have been, it was worth every bump.

Among all the articles, the one on the Red Velvet Mites is the closest to me. I am eagerly waiting for this year’s monsoon so I can spot one ‘Dokri Maai’ (as we call it back home). I fail to recollect when I saw them last.

It would be unfair to take all the credit for this project to myself. Here’s a word of appreciation to a plethora of people without whom this project would not have taken the desired shape:

R K Dargan (Director, Amity School of Communication)

Pallavi Majumdar (Assistant Professor, Amity School of Communication)

Chandravijay Hada

Tina Rathore

Vipasha Rathore

If you ever catch me, you will often find me star-gazing or cloud-watching (if not for the pollution!).

Writing is not a turtle-ride for me but for a good writer, breaking the tip of one’s pen at the right point must be celebrated.  I cease here with my heart pumping more than green!


One Response to The Writer

  1. the best part of environmentally sound is that it has an eclectic mix of timely and timeless articles . it is not very preachy and the intro is lyrical . loving nature is way of life not just an agressive cruswade . well done

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