The Project

Some dab its air onto themselves every morning, some ruminate memories in its falling rains, some hold hands and deliver strength amid its dusty gravelled paths while others fall in love under the shadow of its stars.
IT is the Nature- nature which is fulfilling, giving and complacently serene; where we have grown up wrapped in its misty fragrance, where we shall lay when our hearts have exhausted.
We might view nature as an external existence providing for us, but it is in us. It is us.
There are only a few who realise that every grain of its sand and every miniscule particle of its existence is intertwined, bound by each other’s very being.
It is a pity that humankind sees itself above this powerful entity which calls for nothing but a balance of power, a balance of each species in its own capacity.
Environmentally Sound is an endeavor reflecting that the word ‘Nature’ or ‘Environment’ means more than just “green”. It is all colors yellow and blue and its use and abuse affects all sectors of our existence right from the much debated reserves of natural resources and upwardly mobile warming gas emissions to our everyday emotions and our right to enjoy nature in its raw form.
The project encompassing the genesis of ‘Environmentally Sound’ was undertaken as a Print Specialisation enterprise toward the partial fulfillment of the degree of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication (2010-2012) at Amity School of Communication, (ASCO), AUUP, under the benign guidance of Ms. Pallavi Majumdar, Associate Professor, ASCO.
This attempt at exploring, understanding and sharing about our environment includes a range of designs observing reality and facts, political mayhem and policy gambles, diminishing lives and yet, celebrating some of nature’s exceptional occupants and remarkable bequests.
Untraceable as the boundary of Nature is, Environmentally Sound may not be an all-inclusive and comprehensive series of reportage and enquiry breakdown but it is an honest and heartfelt attempt at all the small sightings taken from the environment.
I hope it grows and flourishes for the better.   As of now, allow me to share what I learnt and explored, allow me to immerse you in that in which you bear your birth.


Welcome to Environmentally Sound!


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